So, yes, that's me—the one with facial hair. The better looking one is my son, Malachi. I also have a daughter, Lily, and a black and white spotted dog (not a dalmatian) named Skooter. I've been married for 11 years to my wife, Molly. And I currently reside in the beautiful town of Wake Forest, North Carolina.

I've been drawing and painting and doing other things that loosely resemble art for as long as I can remember. It's one of those things, really, where you only discover you're different when other kids in your third grade class start asking you to draw things for them. Up to that point, you just assume that everyone can do what you can do. Regardless, it's always been part of who I am.

Fast forward twenty-some-odd years to 2010. This is when I had my epiphanous moment: I wanted to write and illustrate children's picture books. I spent countless hours building a new portfolio, and learning how to write all over again (writing picture books is not at all like writing anything else). In July of 2012 I signed with my wonderful agent, Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management. I can't express how grateful I am to have such an awesome person in my corner.

It's been a few years now and my journey is only just beginning. But I love doing what I do, and I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to do it for a living.

Favorite Music: Christmas music! I love the old stuff: Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, etc. There's rarely a day that goes by that I don't listen to some Christmas music... Is that strange? You know what? Don't answer that.

Favorite Movie: Tough question... I can't pinpoint a single favorite, but I can throw out a few that would be contenders. They are: The original Star Wars trilogy. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Saving Private Ryan (Love the HBO Miniseries Band of brothers too), It's A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, and Elf... I also do this thing where I will listen to movies over and over again while I work. And once I land on one or two I like, I tend to get stuck. Recently I've been on a Sleepless In Seattle and Mrs. Miracle (Hallmark Channel) kick. 

Favorite Picture Book: I'm gonna go with The Polar Express.

Favorite Novel: Yeah, about that... I never really made it past the picture book thing.

Favorite Smell: I don't know that it's my favorite, but... I really like the smell of old things: Books, buildings, etc.

Favorite Season: Fall... absolutely.